Sofa Control - Take Control of your Apple Remote

Sofa Control - Take Control of your Apple Remote

Sofa Control allows you to control your Mac from your Sofa or during a presentation.

Control your Mac from your Sofa

Use your apple remote to control applications, watch videos, listen to music, open documents, browse the web, look up the weather forecast, adjust the volume, move the mouse, play games and more, all while resting on your sofa.

Sofa Control offers the best support for all popular Video Players like Quicktime, VLC and MPlayer.

Give Presentations like a Pro

Using a remote for your presentations allows you to move around and hold more natural and captivating presentations. Walk around and keep eye contact with your audience, and use your arms and legs to convey your message.

Sofa Control supports all of the popular presentation tools: Keynote, PowerPoint, Preview, Acrobat, VoodooPad and NeoOffice. Flip through your presentation regardless of the application you prefer.


File Chooser
Conveniently access all your media
Virtual Mouse
Allows you to control any application
Mouse Light
Like a Laser Pointer for your presentations
Keynote Recorder Audio Record your presentations
Zoom in
If something is too small
Media Players
Support for VLC, Quicktime etc.
Global Menu
Change volume, eject disc, launch apps etc.
Presentation Software
Support for Keynote, Powerpoint etc.
Apple Remotes
Support for all Apple Remotes
Surf the web
using only your apple remote
In the Classroom
Used in schools and universities
Edit scripts to change SofaControl's behavior

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